Watch a Boa-Clad Javier Bardem Do a Suggestive Dance All Over Bono


Despite having played a wide variety of roles, Javier Bardem is perhaps most known for his haunting performance as destruction in human form in No Country for Old Men. If you cannot purge this affiliation while watching a new video of the actor crashing the stage at a U2 concert, you’re in for a disturbing viewing experience. In fact, even if you can purge these affiliations, the zealousness of Bardem’s performance will still make you feel a little uneasy, if also impressed.

He came onstage during the band’s Barcelona stadium concert in a billowing blue boa and iridescent hat and proceeded to grind on Bono, fiddle with his nipple, and generally be far more fascinating than anything else that could happen at a U2 concert. As Bono sang “Mysterious Ways,” Bardem competed with the song’s original subject to be the mysterious mover pined after in its lyrics. At the end of the song, a blonde, bunny-eared Penélope Cruz joined him onstage and began taking photos.

Watch a video:

[Via Vulture]