David Lynch to Clear Up All the “Bullshit” That’s Been Written About His Life in New Memoir


With Twin Peaks’ quarter-century-later third season currently filming and anticipated to debut on Showtime in 2016, David Lynch has been consistently back in the headlines — which likely means he’s experiencing a surge of what he calls “bullshit” being written about him.

Perhaps this is part of the reason he’s seen this as the time to counteract the bullshit with a new memoir/biography. Announcing a collaboratively written book with journalist Kristine McKenna in a statement through Canongate (which holds the rights to publish the book in the UK), Lynch said:

There’s a lot of bullshit out there about me, in books and all over the Internet… I want to get all the right information in one place, so if someone wants to know something, they can find it here. And I wouldn’t do it with anyone other than Kristine; she and I go way back, and she gets it right.

However, this won’t just be Lynch’s chance to weigh in on his own life — he and McKenna enlisted 90 other trusted sources (family members, collaborators, friends) to give interviews for the book, which will be interspersed with Lynch’s own “riffing on his own life.” The book, titled Life and Work, will be released sometime in 2017.

[Via The Guardian]