John Oliver Explains Canadian Politics to Show There Are Stupid Politicians Everywhere


John Oliver wants Americans to know that the U.S. is not the only government plagued by ridiculous and sometimes offensive politicians.Today is election day in Canada. Citizens will elect their local government officials, whose representation will, in turn, influence who becomes the country’s prime minister. On the eve of the election, Last Week Tonight highlighted some of the country’s most interesting (appalling) parties and candidates, including a school board official who claimed she’d never heard of Auschwitz, and a local government candidate who got caught peeing in his customer’s mug at his day job.

Oliver’s primary target, however, is the country’s current prime minister Stephen Harper, who has attempted to limit healthcare for refugees and has a tendency to “pander to Islamophobes.”

To support candidates other than Prime Minister Harper, Oliver ended the segment with an illegal PSA (according to Canadian election law, election ads supporting or condemning a candidate must be made by Canadian citizens) with a guy in a beaver suit and Mike Myers dressed as a mountie to give Canadians one piece of advice: don’t vote for Stephen Harper.