Trip-Hop, etc.: A Mixtape by the Antlers’ Peter Silberman


Today is the first edition of Flavorpill’s artist mixtape series. To kick it off, The Antlers’ Peter Silberman has compiled a fantastic mix of trip-hop for your listening pleasure.

Trip-Hop, etc. Peter Silberman / The Antlers

“Some years ago, for whatever reason, I decided to try having a trip-hop radio show in college,” he explains. “Little did I know that I was going to be given three hours a week to fill with what I quickly learned is somewhat of a narrow genre. Granted, a ton of amazing music came from Bristol and wherever else in England in the nineties, but there’s also a good deal of awful trip-hop. The trick of the show became branching out — finding music that might not necessarily be categorized under the same name but shares some of the same qualities. Here’s a collection of some of the genre’s most well-known tracks, alongside some newer songs that clearly seem to share something on common with their predecessors. The truth: trip-hop may be over, but it’s still alive.

1. Portishead – “Biscuit”

2. Tricky – “Ponderosa”

3. Massive Attack – “Risingson”

4. Kruder & Dorfmeister – “Going Under (Rocker’s Hifi)”

5. Laika – “Almost Sleeping”

6. Beach House – “Saltwater”

7. Low – “Breaker”

8. Son Lux – “Betray”

9. Burial – “Archangel”

10. Under Byen – “Siamesisk”

Listen to Peter Silberman’s band, the Antlers, here, pick up a copy of their excellent, wildly praised album of ’09, Hospice, and catch them at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on Dec. 15.