Watch: Drake Expresses His Longing Through (Awkward) Dance in “Hotline Bling” Video


Drake’s “Hotline Bling” became such a hit for pairing sounds of sleepless derealization with overwhelming, unmitigated hotness, and, of course, for excellent (if heavy) use of its “Why Can’t We Live Together” sample. The immediacy of the world’s taking to the song meant that it was quickly covered by other huge artists — Erykah Badu and Sam Smith/Disclosure, to name a couple. Now, four months after its release, Drake has provided another reason for the song not to disappear from the radio/our subconsciouses any time soon: he’s released a fittingly minimal, moody music video for the track (on Apple Music).

The video sees Drake awkwardly (and thus all the more winningly) dancing within assorted neon boxes (and sometimes a staircase), emphasizing his longing and dismay about how a certain person who used to call him on his cell phone no longer calls him on his cell phone. (Should you ever forget that the thing he was formerly called on was a cell phone, Drake holds two cell phones at one point in the video.) The footage of Drake is intercut with images of posed women, likewise enacting longing while the camera zooms in on their curves.

And it just so happens that you can watch the dancing, the phones, the light boxes, the stairs, and the curves (I think that’s everything?) below:

[Via Pitchfork]