Bill Murray Visits Jimmy Kimmel Sporting ‘Black Swan’ Makeup and Renaissance Garb


Or for Murray: a typical Monday #OOTD.

Visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live during the show’s week of New York City tapings at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, Murray appeared (sporting the stunning getup you see above) to promote both his upcoming film, Rock the Kasbah, and his Sofia Coppola-directed Christmas special. But the conversation naturally veered toward Murray’s arrival in NYC, Netflix (or rather Murray’s lack of understanding of the streaming service despite the fact that they’re airing A Very Murray Christmas ), and the Red Sox.

Speaking of baseball, Kimmel felt compelled to share an anecdote about this past Sunday’s game between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets, which they both attended.

Kimmel recalled how Joe Madden, manager of the Cubs, sent a guy over to Murray, who was on the field, with the lineup card in the hopes that Murray would touch it for good luck. Murray complied, but continued rubbing the lineup card all over his body. “Do you think that is why the Cubs lost last night?” Kimmel quipped.

“No,” Murray responded. “I think we would have won, it’s just that I was wearing too many layers.”

Watch all the clips below: