John Boyega and Daisy Ridley Swoon, Cry, and Perform Impromptu Acrobatics in Reaction to the New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer


If you started to feel a surge of uncontrollable emotion over the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, you may be happy to know that stars Daisy Ridley and John Boyega probably geeked out even more. (Granted, if we’re fairly weighing geek-outs, their respective geek-outs are far more valuable as marketing than yours or mine — as seen in the fact that they’re being posted all over the web — and thus there’s the possibility they’re not quite as organic. On the other hand, their geek-outs are not just over a love of Star Wars, but also of seeing themselves fighting said star wars…so perhaps they’re more organic. Ultimately, there’s just no way to fairly weigh geek-outs.)

The two both posted their reactions to watching the trailer — which they saw at the same time as everyone else — on Instagram after having enlisted friends to tape them. Boyega (who plays the stormtrooper named Finn who battles Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren in the woods), sporting a fittingly sci-fi jacket, watches intently while nodding and goading his character on, and has a victorious spasm that leads him to leap over the couch. Meanwhile, Ridley, who plays the scavenger Rey, watches the trailer in bed, and is crying by the end of it.

Watch them watch:

Then, for an even more complicated experience, watch while you watch them watch:

[Via /Film]