Martin O’Malley Showcases “Mad Skills” and Knowledge of Celebrity Beef with “Bad Blood” Cover


Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor and Polar Bear Plunge-r, appeared on The View earlier today to talk about the upcoming 2016 election. Discussion naturally included Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, Democratic frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the possibility of Joe Biden running, O’Malley’s own seemingly Sisyphean bid for the same Democratic Presidential nomination, and Taylor Swift.

After The View co-host Michelle Collins gushed over O’Malley’s good looks, even suggesting a Plan B — becoming an actor — in case the run for presidency doesn’t pan out, co-host Paula Faris brought up his “mad skills” with the guitar, prompting him to bring one out for demonstration. But considering his song choice, it would seem that O’Malley also has a penchant for fanning the flames; while tuning his guitar, he says “Katy Perry, I’m told, is doing a benefit concert for one of my opponents in Iowa. So in response, I thought I’d offer this up for Taylor Swift.”

Here’s O’Malley’s cover: