Watch Trevor Noah Take ‘Star Wars’ Racism About as Seriously as He Should


Trevor Noah’s doing his best to catch up with his predecessor in “nailed it!” next-day coverage, and his Star Wars take brings him one closer.

Over the past couple days, the #BoycottStarWars hashtag has gotten far more attention than it deserves, prompting a handwritten response from director J.J. Abrams himself…which he then posted via Twitter. A satirical news show was the perfect opportunity to burst this racist, sexist bubble, and Noah—with some help from Senior Fantasy Correspondent Jordan Klepper—took full advantage.

First of all, Noah points out, racists already had their Star Wars movie; second of all, it doesn’t make sense to complain about a black man being cast as a superhero who sets himself on fire, because “what’s more black than that?” (Cue photos of Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor.) Noah’s obvious glee at the audience’s conflicted reaction is proving one of his signatures.

Watch the full clip below, with a surprisingly earnest conclusion from Jordan Klepper as a super-nerd who just wants to argue about the important stuff, like X-wings: