Jeb Bush is a ‘Supergirl’ Superfan — in That He Thinks She “Looked Pretty Hot”


Yesterday, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush spoke at a forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by the Libre Initiative. After an hour of discussing the economy, immigration, debt and foreign relationships with Latin America, Bush was asked a softball question about his favorite Marvel character.

“I like watching the movies. I wish I owned Marvel, as someone that believes in capitalism,” Bush said before erroneously citing two DC Comics characters, Batman (although he preferred the old school version, feeling the recent adaptation was “a little dark”) and CBS’ Supergirl.

“She looked pretty hot,” he gushed, “I don’t know which channel it’s on, but I’m looking forward to that.”

But while Bush may have mistaken Marvel characters for DC characters, he wasn’t mistaken in his prediction, following the “hot” comment, saying, “That’ll make news.”

(h/t CNN)