John Travolta Becomes Robert Shapiro: Links You Need to See


If you’re one to follow the American stories Ryan Murphy tawdrily tells, you’ve likely been hotly anticipating American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. As is typically done for AHS, various teasers was released all at once today — all, except one, concealing the faces of the actors playing the participants in the infamous story.The one player we do see in full (otherwise, voices are heard, backs of heads follows, waists and arms strapped for a lie detector test) is John Travolta as Simpson’s attorney, Robert Shapiro. If we’re being nitpicky, there is one other face: that of Nicole Brown Simpson’s dog, Kato, barking, as he was said to in neighbors’ descriptions of the crime scene. Watch the Travolta teaser below, and the rest of the teasers on /Film:

You obviously don’t need Ryan Murphy to see the Ryan Murphy-ish horror in many aspects of American life (the fact that his newest series is an anthology based on true cases clearly serves as the most immediate proof). But more proof is that people in Norway have, as Mentalfloss writes, taken to using “Texas” as slang for “crazy” — describing anything that’s “unpredictable, chaotic, exhilarating, or simply scary.”

As indicated above, today Björk announced a limited edition, live version of Vulnicura. (She’ll also, as it’s previously been reported, be releasing an all-strings version of her last LP). Rolling Stone reports that the live album was mixed by both Arca and The Haxan Cloak, both of whom collaborated with Björk on the original Vulnicura. Only 1,000 copies of the LP and CD (each) will be made available. The web has also been abuzz with (limited) news about Adele’s next album. Though everyone knew 25 was imminent, even just the naming of a date is enough to make the Internet go nuts.(Anticipation is, of course, heightened by her previous hiatus; if you’ve forgotten how long it’s been, you can handily measure by the gap between her album titles.) The track list was also shared, and it’s already being analyzed.

SNL‘s Sasheer Zamata has become an ambassador of the ACLU, which, as Indiewire reports, will see her “promoting the ACLU’s work combating gender inequality through advocacy and public education.” Her role as ambassador has already begun, with a comedic video she and the organization have released about white male privilege, in which she tries to explain to an unaware friend how he’s favored by the system. Watch it below: