Watch: Krysten Ritter Tries to Stifle a Bloody, Horrific Past in First Full ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer


It looks like it may have been worth enduring the rounds of teasers, stills, clips, crumbs and molecules Netflix and Marvel bestowed upon us with very withholding generosity in the lead-up to the Krysten Ritter-starring Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Because, with the release of the first full trailer, it must be said: this show looks pretty phenomenal.

In the series, Jessica Jones is trying to reestablish herself after having been traumatized — and seemingly having committed murder (?) — under the influence of her enemy Kilgrave’s (here played by David Tennant) mind-controlling powers. Now, she’s retired as a superhero, and has rather become a private detective with an office in Hell’s Kitchen.

According to the official synopsis — and it’s very clear in the trailer — she’s still suffering from severe PTSD, and is still burdened/aided by her immense strength (she claims in the trailer she can stop a slow-moving car) and her ability to fly. Her romantic interest, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), provides comfort (both emotionally and that he also possesses superhuman strength) and drinks (he’s not just a superhero, but also a bartender), and the trailer also reveals a glimpse of Carrie-Anne Moss as Harper, who’s been vaguely described as an ally in a position of authority. If anyone was wondering whether this would be Netflix’s lighter counterpart to their notedly bleak Daredevil, it rather looks to be the opposite: come its release on November 20, you may find yourself seeking tranquility in the safe, cuddly world of Daredevil.