Trevor Noah Cuts Deep on Benghazi Hearing, Likens Congress to Michael Bay


Yesterday saw members of Congress immersed in a futile, almost 11-hour marathon of a hearing, during which Republicans investigated security insufficiencies in Benghazi that, they accuse, left the American diplomatic compound vulnerable to attack. It’s an investigation that seems, of course, just as transparently like an expensive attempt to bring down Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Thus, yesterday also saw Trevor Noah roasting the whole indulgent affair, whose length he compared to Netflix dropping a whole season of television at once. (Do not be put off by his initial silly bit of wordplay — “Bingeghazi”; the clip gets more bitingly funny further in.)

“As investigations went on,” Noah says of the entire history of investigations of the Secretary of State surrounding the Benghazi attacks, “Republicans started to shift their question from, ‘Was anyone to blame,’ to more specifically ‘Was Hillary to blame,’ and finally, to just, ‘how can we blame this on Hillary?'” Indeed, CNN described yesterday’s hearing, saying, “bitter political undercurrents festered all day during a contentious showdown that turned into a political endurance test” in which Clinton defended herself against GOP criticism until she needed to take a throat lozenge to “ease her failing voice,” and Flavorwire’s own Sarah Seltzer noted that “the questioning went on for the entire day and seemed designed to wear Clinton down.” Yet through it all, she maintained her cool, and even, as Noah states, had a “gangsta” moment, “promoting her book in the middle of a hearing” whose purpose was to harm her political career. “I wrote a whole chapter about this in my book, Hard Choices, I’d be glad to send it to you, Congressmen,” she’d said, in response to one question.

At the end of his segment, Noah sardonically congratulates Congress on their tirelessness after 13 public hearings — spending around 20 million taxpayer dollars — likening them to action movie director Michael Bay, who made a movie about the Benghazi attacks (which arrives in January). “Bravo, Congress, you’re the only institution that can spend more money on something with no plot than Michael Bay.” Watch the full segment:

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