The Late Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx to Tour as Holograms


Late legendary comics Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx are following in the footsteps of Tupac and Whitney Houston after death. They’ll be going on tour next year since each comedian’s estate has made an agreement with Hologram USA to recreate a stage show that will “have residencies in multiple locations in tourist-oriented cities across the country.”

The New York Times writes: “The hologram shows featuring these comedians would include some of their best-known material — say, Andy Kaufman lip-syncing the ‘Mighty Mouse’ theme on the debut episode of Saturday Night Live — as well as narrative segments that dramatize biographical details.”

Foxx, a beloved nightclub performer and star of the TV show Sanford and Son, passed away in 1991. Kaufman, the Taxi star who has long rumored to have faked his death (and was reportedly set to return in 2004), died in 1984.

“Who knew that the persistent rumors that Andy Kaufman would return from death would come true,” Hologram USA founder Alki David said. ”We have the opportunity to resurrect him and present his genius with the same vitality and joy that his first audiences experienced 40 years ago. As for our other debut comedy hologram legend: Redd Foxx is a hero who helped change the game not just in comedy, but in how Americans talk about race and sex.”