Weezer Release New Single, “Thank God for Girls,” and According to Rivers Cuomo, it “Rocks Sooooo Hard”


Weezer has shared their first new song since Everything Will Be Alright in the End‘s release last year. It’s called “Thank God for Girls,” and frontman Rivers Cuomo is already comparing it to tracks from their last album, and being surprisingly blunt about how he feels it’s superior. “Oh my god you guys, the new single is amazing!” he wrote on Facebook. “After we played it last night, I turned to my plus one and said, with glee, ‘it’s no ‘Back to the Shack!!’ Hands down ‘Thank God for Girls’ is the far, far better song.’ I’m no music critic but I have no problem sharing my opinion on this.”

The single was originally announced a month ago, and then the band debuted it, as Stereogum reports, at an iHeartRadio event last week. Yesterday, it went online, accompanied by a lyric video that features — as the lyrics also describe — a girl stuffing cannoli into a man’s mouth. (The man proceeds to get more unconventional with his cannoli consumption — crushing them between his hands, turning them into a sort of pudding in his bowl, splattering them against the wall. Also, Jesus is in the background.) Cuomo followed his initial comparison to “Back to the Shack” with a gushing rundown of his favorite elements of the new song:

There’s a spoken intro that reminded me of “Miss Sweeney” and a really pretty classic Weezer guitar driven melody. And Scott plays the keyboard on parts of it. I love the abrupt acapella ending, it showcases my voice. The lyrics sound pretty out there and remind me of my tumblr work. Very unique, very different, a bit dark. (I especially love the Adam lyric parts) … that last line is gold. I’m not a huge fan of rapped out sections in songs but there’s a lot of cool work going on here with harmonies. I think the music is really great, I’m a huge fan of organs being used and piano in the verse. It’s a perfect mix of weezer past and future. The chorus soars on melodic wings. It rocks sooooo hard.

… (Yes, there is a little more.)

He also promises that an official video — ostensibly with a different take on the song than girl + man + cannoli — will be coming soon. In the meantime, rekindle your Weezer fandom (and damage your cannoli fandom) below with the new single: