Odenkirk and Cross Take on New Year’s Resolutions in the First Full Sketch From ‘W/ Bob and David’


Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ Netflix sketch comedy show will debut on November 13, and in anticipation of its arrival, they’ve released the first real dosage of what the show will be like — a full, 5-minute sketch. (Formerly, they’d released trailers, which were more just promises that, gasp, a sketch show would feature wigs and costumes.)

The sketch is mildly funny — and thus there’s mild promise for the show here. It sees Cross, Odenkirk and Paul F. Thompkins (among others) upturning a very familiar conversation: the New Year’s resolution talk. A group of friends play poker in a room generically adorned with manhood (signs on the wall just say “Beer”), and each declares their goal. They’re all completely unattainable (“I’m running for office.” “What office?” “Pope”), except one — giving up red meat. But this just happens to be the one that leaves the group of friends incredulous.