The Coolest and Geekiest ‘The X-Files’-Inspired Merch


The X-Files is a series that no one can quite get over — not even Fox, considering the network is bringing it back with new episodes early next year. Its passionate fans love creating cool, creative, and often handmade merchandise to share with others. To help you get a head start on the X-Files celebration, here are some of the best merch items you can buy right now, from rings to pillows to tote bags.

X-Files/Descendents parody shirt

If something exists in pop culture, there is either a Black Flag parody or a Descendents parody of it (if not both), and this one is just great.

Activity Book

From the same Etsy store — which has so many cool pop culture goodies — comes this X-Files activity book. (I own it and love it.)

Studded Punk Vest

Sure, you can make one yourself, but why destroy your fingers pushing in all those studs?

I Want To Believe Christmas Sweater

I mean, Santa Claus is basically an alien, right?

Crop Top

Admission: This crop top is what inspired this whole post, because once I saw it I went down a rabbit hole of all the X-Files merch that I desperately want.

Mulder and Scully “Best Friends” Rings

These are labeled on Etsy as “best friends” rings, but I think they also work well as wedding rings. The couple that watches X-Files together stays together.

I Want To Believe Bracelet

If you’re not ready for commitment rings, this bracelet is a nice way to ease into your X-Files-obsessed romance.

X-Files Throw Pillow Cover

There are so many pillows to choose from, but I’m a big fan of this design.

Mulder and Scully Earrings

For your next formal geeky event.

Ghostbusters / X-Files Stickers

Mash-ups can either knock it out of the park or fall completely flat; this one falls into the former category.

Girls Don’t Like Boys Tote Bag

For all the queer Scully fans out there; I have this design on a shirt, and it’s one of my favorite possessions.

Tattoo Print

To psych yourself up for getting the permanent ink.

Our Lady of Skepticism T-shirt


Scully Altar Candle

You can’t worship Scully without the proper candle.

Mulder Altar Candle

And you can’t have a Scully candle without a Mulder one.

X-Files Hand-Painted Sneakers

These custom, hand-painted sneakers are made to order, and can even include more personalized touches, such as your name.

Scully Cat Pin

Cats and Scully, together at last.

Mini Pinball Table Model

I don’t fully understand why this exists, but I want five of them.

Front/Back X-Files Shirt

You can go casual with this simple T-shirt that has an image on both the front and the back.

Custom I Want To Believe Body-Con Dress

Or you could really show off your fandom with a custom body-con dress!