When Philippe Starck Shops at Big Lots, You Know We’re in a Recession [Headlines]


Design god goes slummin’: “Walking into Big Lots on Vine Street, just blocks from the swank interiors he created for the restaurant Katsuya and the nightclub S Bar, Philippe Starck appears a bit wary. ‘Can you live elegantly and economically?’ he asks, surveying the store’s vast array of closeout merchandise for the first time. ‘We shall see. Give me 20 minutes.'” [LAT]

Iran pissed at Mickey Rourke: “Iranian media has condemned Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, claiming that it shows the West’s ignorance and prejudice towards Iran. The scene in question is where Mickey Rourke, who plays Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, has to fight Earnest ‘The Cat’ Miller, who plays a character named The Ayatollah, who dresses in Middle Eastern garb and waves the Iranian flag before attacking Robinson with the pole. What the Iran press don’t seem to understand is that The Ram and The Ayatollah are wrestlers from the 1980’s wrestling boom.” [/Film]

British rapper goes batty: “On Friday afternoon in Kent, England, something happened involving Dizzee Rascal and a baseball bat. Something bad, apparently, as Dizzee (birth name: Dylan Mills) was ‘detained on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon,’ according to Sky News (via NME.com). So maybe he beat somebody up with a baseball bat? Or threatened to beat somebody up with a baseball bat?” [Pitchfork]

Baby mama peaces out: In case you missed Amy Poehler’s very real farewell speech during Weekend Update, here it is. The odds we’ll continue DVRing Saturday Night Live now that it’s down a Tina and an Amy? Slim to none. [NBC]

Americans theatergoers heterophobic: “The scattered empty seats these days at some of Broadway’s best-reviewed plays — including August: Osage County, Boeing-Boeing and Equus — are part of an overall nationwide decline in audiences for nonmusical theater, a new study says.” [NYT]