Watch Clinton and Colbert Brainstorm Hillary Halloween Costumes


We’re well into Presidential Candidate Late Night Likability Tour season, so veteran viewers can basically skip the boilerplate populism that makes up the first half of last night’s Clinton appearance and skip to the comedy bit.

After getting some cheers by emphasizing economic opportunity for The Youngs, Clinton declines to choose between Ben Carson and Donald Trump—but not before cracking that she can see them in some office, just not the Oval Office. (Remember that Kate-McKinnon-as-Clinton crack to Larry-David-as-Bernie about how it must be nice to be angry and/or irritated in public? This is what she was talking about.) And then Colbert breaks out the Halloween ideas.

From the Hillary Cold Shoulder—all you need is a turtleneck and some scissors—to the Tweets from Hillary, they’re actually not bad costumes, and Colbert has the photos of his staff to prove it. But none of them are as good as the Benghazi Hearing.

Watch the full clip of the interview below: