Stereotyping You by Your Hilarious 2015 Pop Culture Halloween Costume


It’s Halloween! Which means that everyone has to dress up! Yes, even you at the back there, trying to hide! It’s about this time that everyone who hasn’t been planning out a costume for months starts to scramble for ideas — and, unfortunately, we’re all dipping into the same pool of oh-so-topical 2015 personalities and memes. So, in the time-honored tradition of Flavorwire’s stereotyping posts (check here, here, and here, if you’re new!), here are the types who are going to be donning a variety of this year’s most relevant pop culture costumes. Choose wisely.

Pizza Rat People who refer to themselves as “New Yorkers” even though they live in Midtown and think Brooklyn is scary.

Caitlyn Jenner Awful, awful frat bros.

The Dress Second cousins whose Facebook statuses are all reposts of “inspiring” stories.

Left Shark Second cousins whose Facebook statuses are all reposts of memes from several years ago.

Anyone from the upcoming Star Wars movies Nerds.

Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max Cosplayers.

Anyone from Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video People who still use the word “basic.”

Ilana Glazer/Abbi Jacobson Girls who are cooler than you are.

Minions Parents who see two films a year and think pop culture is “fun.”

Bernie Sanders Your surprisingly cool left-wing uncle.

The “Cool” Pope Well-meaning types who absent themselves from online arguments and wish we could all just get along.

Celebrity blackface Assholes who think being publicly shamed by Gawker makes for hilarious validation of the costume in question.

Rachel Dolezal Assholes who don’t want to be publicly shamed by Gawker but just can’t help themselves.

Deflategate Bros who left this whole costume thing until the last minute and are just gonna show up with a sorry-looking football.

Christian Grey People who are palpably and off-puttingly at the party in the hope of getting laid.

Netflix and Chill Couples who aren’t quite as cute as they think they are.

Donald Trump People who would secretly like to be Donald Trump.

Slenderman People who have used “SJW” as an insult IRL.

Jared Fogle Priapic dudes who love South Park and will argue with you forever about how “nothing is off limits for comedy.”