Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Video For “These Walls”


Kendrick Lamar just dropped a new music video for To Pimp a Butterfly cut “These Walls,” and it’s a high-production-value romp through what appears to be a very poorly hidden brothel. The 8-minute-plus clip features multiple interludes, Kendrick in cornrows getting busted through a wall by a particularly powerful booty grind, a furious Terry Crews in a talent show acid flashback, and many, many women in various states of undress working very hard to please the brothel’s male patrons.

It’s certainly not the most progressive work from Kendrick’s camp, but there are moments of genuine hilarity, as evidenced by the screenshot above. If you can get past the whorehouse trope and the run-of-the-mill misogyny, you might get a few laughs out of it. And it doesn’t hurt that the song knocks.