Kanye West and Travis Scott Approach a Grave with Obvious Intentions in “Piss on Your Grave” Video


“I’ll use your face as a urinal/then do the same at your funeral/piss in your grave/piss in your grave/piss in your grave,” raps Kanye at the beginning of Travis Scott’s Rodeo track, “Piss on Your Grave” — which aims its ire, and its urine, in the directions of the rappers’ enemies (notably, towards the beginning of the song, corporate executives).The track — which was initially thought to be a collaboration with Paul McCartney (that’d appear on Kanye’s upcoming album, Swish) — now has a video, suggestively illustrating the two key elements of the song: the pissing, and the grave, that is.

Here, Kanye and Travis Scott walk through a thinly wooded wilderness, and rap with such angry emphasis that their shapes blur ever so slightly. This is intercut with footage of a mudslide — seemingly the piss, cascading into the grave, and in case it wasn’t clear, you’ll soon note that there are skulls tumbling down within the liquid. It ends with a surprising aerial shot of Kanye and Scott standing over a massive hole in the earth. The stark video is directed by Nabil, who also directed Kanye West’s “Mercy,” “Paranoid” and “Welcome to Heartbreak” and other noteworthy videos such as Antony and the Johnsons‘ “Cut the World,” FKA twigs’ “Two Weeks,” and Frank Ocean’s “Novocaine” and “Pyramids.”

Watch the Apple Music exclusive video below:

[Via Pitchfork]