‘The Today Show’ Stole, or Won, or Lost, or Killed, Halloween: Links You Need to See


People have been rightfully weirded out — or even horrified — by The Today Show casts’ unified Halloween costumes, that saw them each dressing as a Peanuts character. Gothamist presented images of the costumes “without comments, because [they were] sitting in the corner of a padded room, shaking,” while Uproxx ranked them from “least to most horrifying” and Defamer simply headlined their post, The Today Show Ruined Halloween.”

Meanwhile, in more traditional Halloween fare, The Daily Dot posted a tour of Bran Castle. It is, unfortunately, not a place devoted to the underrated genre of muffin, but rather the fortress that inspired Dracula’s castle in Bram Stoker’s novel. (The author, the site explains, never visited, but rather made something of an imaginary portrait of the place based on his readings.)

Screen Shot From The Social Shot Website

If you’re not in the mood to pretend to be someone else this Halloween, perhaps you’d like, rather, to devote the day to getting to know your true self better. Today, The Creators Project did a feature on a bar tending robot, Social Shot, that pours drinks based on your personality (predicated on factors of “openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism”), essentially distilling you into a liquid, alcoholic essence. Each of those factors is tied to a particular ingredient, whose quantity is determined by how much your personality is made up of each of those traits.

Though some may think he’s wearing a young Leonardo DiCaprio Halloween costume in his Instagram photos, Konrad Annerud, a 21 year old bartender in Sweden, is not. He’s been noted around the internet for being a near facsimile of the star (as he appeared two decades ago, when he was Annerud’s age — leading many millennials to romantically revisit their collective first crush). Slate has a series of theories about how this could be possible, “but no clear answers”