Heartwarming Photos of Adoptable Black Cats That Dispel the Bad-Luck Myth


According to a survey published by the Huffington Post, around 26% of people said the color of a cat was important to them when considering adoption. While the saying about a black cat crossing your path being bad luck seems like pure superstition to most people, 13% of Americans are genuinely terrified by it. It certainly isn’t a myth that black shelter cats struggle to find permanent homes, but photographer Casey Elise is doing her part to help these misunderstood kitties find loving owners.

“I photograph black cats at the West Los Angeles animal shelter. Black cats have the lowest adoption rates and the highest euthanasia rates,” Elise explains. “With this photo series, I tried to showcase their personalities to counter the belief that black cats are bad luck.” Browse Elise’s adorable subjects in our gallery, most of them available for adoption right now.

©Casey ElisePumpkin – being fostered

©Casey EliseLuna – available at WLA

©Casey EliseEloise – available at NKLA

©Casey ElisePhoenix – available at Best Friends LA

©Casey EliseHenry – available at Best Friends LA

©Casey EliseRocco – available at West LA

©Casey EliseMidnight – available at West LA

©Casey EliseJosie – available

©Casey EliseA1589556 – not yet available

©Casey EliseFrank – adopted!

©Casey EliseEloise – available at NKLA

©Casey EliseA1589556 – not yet available

©Casey EliseMidnight – adopted!