The Hotline Won’t Stop Blinging: Here’s Sufjan Stevens Covering Drake’s Song


Though in “Hotline Bling” Drake laments the scarcity of booty calling blings his proverbial hotline is getting from a special someone ever since he “left the city,” the song itself seems to be getting more than enough action.

With Erykah Badu, Disclosure, Justin Bieber, and the memeing masses turning the song into one of the biggest cultural phenomena of the season, some might even say that all the play the song’s been getting has led it to be, simply, overplayed. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone from continuing the string of covers — now, Sufjan Stevens has added his own rendition to the list. He performed the song live in Jersey City with Los Angeles-based R&B crooner Gallant last night, set against a giant projection of Drake. Watch:

[Via Pitchfork]