The Tid[al] Has Turned: the Music Streaming Service Orders Seasons of Comedy and Drama Series


Variety announced that Tidal — the polarizing music streaming service that Jay Z recently “forgot he owns” — has announced it will be expanding its service to include original TV programming.

The company has ordered two series: No Small Talk, a new unscripted show that will follow up and coming standup comedians; and the 12-episode second season of Money & Violence , a scripted drama about thieves and dealers set in Flatbush, whose first season appeared on YouTube via Cloud9TV, and was completely self-funded and produced by series creator and star, Moise Verneau.

In an official statement, Tidal’s senior VP for artist and label relations Tim Riley said the company’s expansion to include original programming was a strategy geared toward giving subscribers more bang for their buck, adding “If someone is paying for Tidal, we want that to be the best experience they can have.”