Apologies in Advance: This Is Alanis Morissette Clucking “Ironic” as a Giant Chicken for ‘The Tonight Show’


The viral content circus of Jimmy Fallon’s iteration of The Tonight Show outdid itself last night, drawing on a cultural tendency to enthuse over anything related to Alanis Morissette’s famous, even era defining, rundown of not-quite-ironies, and the lesser known cultural tendency to enthuse over behemoth chickens.

Last night, the musician/self-help podcaster appeared on the show to promote the release of the 20th Anniversary edition of Jagged Little Pill. Jimmy Fallon — in either a major career high or low (it’s hard, exactly, to determine which, but it’s definitely one or the other) — had her don a chicken outfit and, along with him and Megan Trainor, cluck the entirety of “Ironic.”

He also generously allowed Morissette to perform “Hand in My Pocket” as a human.

Watch the performance of “Ironic” below. For the first time ever, not knowing all the lyrics won’t matter, as, [c]luckily, you can simply cluck along while simultaneously shrinking in shame (or growing in glee? Again, it’s hard to determine which) over the culture to which we belong:

[Via Stereogum]