NBC Removes Ben Carson Diss from Trump Promo


NBC has released a number of promo spots for the extremely controversial upcoming Donald Trump hosting gig, but there’s one quick change. The initial batch included a dig at Trump rival (and current front-runner) Ben Carson, calling him a “loser” in the typically subtle and artful style of The Donald.

But that spot disappeared, presumably because it might violate election laws. As Variety reports: “NBC removed the original video from the site, replacing it a few hours later with a new teaser that had edited out the moment when Trump mocks Republican president candidate Ben Carson, calling him a “loser,” Variety checked up on the controversy, but only found out that, “According to NBC News’ Peter Alexander, the original videos were posted by accident.

See the original video at Variety.

In the meantime, Latino advocacy groups and celebrities — including Alejandro González Iñárritu, Diego Luna , John Leguizamo and Junot Diaz — continue to protest the decision to let Trump (who has hosted before, but not as a candidate) host the show.