Aziz Ansari’s “Bobby Jindal” Stops By ‘Tonight Show,’ Wants You To “Taste The Fat”


“I’m used to appearing on C-SPAN at 2 a.m. right before they start airing those Nutri-Bullet infomercials, so this is crazy!”

Aziz Ansari stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his upcoming Netflix series, Master of None . But before his interview, Ansari couldn’t help but poke fun of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his fledging bid for presidency—a role Ansari had hoped to play on Saturday Night Live, but likely won’t due to Jindal’s decelerating momentum.

In the segment, Ansari lampoons Jindal’s “100% increase” in his poll numbers; his distrust of science; and lack of campaign funds in comparison to frontrunner Donald Trump.

Watch the segment below: