New ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer Introduces the Title Characters


Well, that was shrewdly timed!

The day after Quentin Tarantino spoke to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about the proposed police union boycott of his upcoming film The Hateful Eight, The Weinstein Company—which, Tarantino reminded viewers, also backed the anti-police brutality Fruitvale Station—has released a new trailer for it.

Clocking in at over two theaters, the trailer mostly fleshes out the setup that’s already been outlined in previous clips: eight people, each dangerous in their own way, get snowed into a remote Wyoming lodge during a blizzard, and chaos ensues. It also, however, introduces us to each of said hateful eight. In order of appearance:

  1. The Bounty Hunter (Samuel L. Jackson)
  2. The Hangman (Kurt Russell)
  3. The Confederate (Bruce Dern)
  4. The Sheriff (Walton Goggins)
  5. The Mexican (Demián Bichir)
  6. The Little Man (Tim Roth)
  7. The Cow Puncher (Michael Madsen), and
  8. The Prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh)

Quite the lineup! Watch the full trailer below:

The Hateful Eight will be available in limited (but “glorious”!) 70 mm release on December 28th and in theaters nationwide on January 8, 2016.