Nathan For You: Season 3 in GIF Form


Nathan Fielder is a man for the Internet age, and Season 3 of Nathan For You has given us plenty to GIF about. In only 3 episodes, he’s already wrangled urban alligators, used weather balloons to bolster overweight riders, and scammed a whole lot of morning shows with an illegitimate body builder.

We break down Season’s 6 most shareable (and hilarious) moments below. Tune in to Comedy Central Thursdays at 10/9c for new episodes — or catch Nathan For You any time on the Comedy Central app.

Everyone digs a good TV deal, but what if you had to face a cold-blooded killer to get it? Let’s just say Nathan’s attempt to promote a $1 TV offer without actually giving any TVs away was a complete (and somewhat terrifying) success.

Nathan’s lady troubles found a suitable outer expression when he donned a full-on emo outfit for an online dating expedition. Sure, he messed it up by secretly wanting insider info on her place of work, but the cool affectation of his lip ring never wavered.

In a stunt we still sort of think would work, Nathan created a “boys room” in the back of a boutique. Women were able to browse without their significant others becoming bored, and the men indulged their stereotypical addictions to beer, sports, and bro-ish banter. If only Nathan himself was a little better at hanging out…

While business comes first and social consciousness second, Nathan is adept at breaking down semi-existent barriers. Using weather balloons and a system of branch-blockers, he created a “safe” way to increase the maximum weight a horse can carry. Greatest American hero? We’ll let you decide.

Nathan’s attempt to pair Holocaust education with a retail experience wasn’t met with a lot of enthusiasm, but we actually found it an intriguing juxtaposition. In an age of consumerism divorced from the conditions it creates, we’d LOVE to see something like this pop up as part of a gallery experience. Just, you know, maybe not this, exactly.

While Nathan was certainly the brains in a moving service/workout scam, things got a bit dicey when he tried to also be the brawn. Perhaps it’s best that he changed his mind about being spokesman, though we did get this oddly entrancing moment of dad bod excellence.

After ghost-writing a workout book and hiring a spokesman with questionable ethics, Nathan and co. managed to fool a number of morning show hosts into believing you could lose 100 pounds simply by lifting everyday items. It was an odd accomplishment, ranking somewhere between his past, fake viral vid and the out-of-control hype of his “Dumb Starbucks” hi-jinks.

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