Watch: Beach House Tries on Weezer’s Sweater…Song


Of all the Weezer songs that Beach House could easily turn into a typically blissed-out cover, “Undone — The Sweater Song” is certainly one of the band’s chillest ready-mades.Of course, the track — with which Rivers Cuomo meant to imitate The Velvet Underground but says he ended up going more Metallica — been covered by plenty of others as well: The Flaming Lips, Mac Demarco and The Offspring have all also tried on the now somewhat stretched “Sweater Song.” (Weezer themselves continue to release new music all the time — as with Tuesday’s single “Do You Want to Get High” — but as far as nostalgia-stoking fan favorites go, it’ll always be their older work that’ll get people excited.)

Last night, during a concert in Luxembourg, Beach House performed a low key — but for Beach House, comparatively high adrenaline — cover of The Blue Album’s (technically just a self-titled album) song about the desire to destroy knitted winter wear (as metaphor). Watch their performance: