Watch: Jennifer Lopez Is a Corrupt Cop-Turned-FBI-Informant in the Trailer for Her New Series, ‘Shades of Blue’


You know the golden age of television has gone platinum when you can think of two shows that have courted some of the biggest pop stars in the world to front them: Lady Gaga is currently leeching people dry weekly on American Horror Story, and now, we have the trailer for Jennifer Lopez’ upcoming crime drama, Shades of Blue.

The trailer (for what will hopefully be the last work of TV or film to use “shades of [a color]” to so literally draw on moral grey — or, if they’re cops, blue — areas in its title) features the pop star/actor as a corrupt NYC detective who’s immersed in a close community of other (and perhaps more) corrupt cops.

The show looks to attempt to complicate her unscrupulous behavior through the fact that she’s a single mother trying to make “the best life for her honest and talented daughter.” After a brief setup that shows her as someone who’ll cover up police murders through the notion that “the truth is in the paperwork,” we see how she becomes trapped by the FBI, and has to navigate the web of lies and betrayals that come with being forced to be an informant — against the people to whom she’s the closest. The show looks pretty solid, and legitimately thrilling, at least until the heavy-handed tagline, “Between good cop and bad cop, there are… Shades of Blue,” fills the screen at the end and leaves questions of its quality just a little open-ended.

The show (which also stars Ray Liotta, Warren Kole, Drea De Matteo, Dayo Okeniyi, Hampton Fluker, Vincent Laresca and Sarah Jeffery) will debut on NBC on January 7. Watch the trailer:

Via Indiewire.