Mariah Carey Joins ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ to Play… Some Important Official


Commissioner James Gordon — the D.C. character who’s Batman’s non-super-heroic ally — has been played by Pat Hingle, Gary Oldman, and Bryan Cranston, to name a few of many. Meanwhile, the Mayor or Gotham has been played by Nestor Carbonell, Aubrey James, George Wallace and Michael Murphy. It probably goes without saying that none of these actors are Legos, all of them are men, and none of them are Mariah Carey. Which thus makes them markedly different than the latest iteration of either the mayor of Gotham, or Commissioner Gordon, either of which Mariah Carey might be playing. For, earlier, Deadline exclusively reported that Commissioner Gordon would likely be voiced by Mariah Carey in the upcoming Lego Batman Movie. But a little while ago, Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit tweeted that this was incorrect: rather, he claimed, she’d be playing the Mayor of Gotham.

Either way, it seems that a lego-ization/Mariah-ization of one Gotham official typically played by a man who cannot sing nearly as beautifully is imminent.

Carey would be joining an already highly impressive (vocal) cast. Warner Bros. film centers around the Lego Batman character from the original Lego Movie, and, as in the first film, Batman himself will be voiced by Will Arnett. Ralph Fiennes is set to play Alfred, Michael Cera has been oh-so-fittingly cast as Robin, Rosario Dawson is playing Batgirl, and Zach Galifianakis is voicing The Joker.

The film is being directed by Chris McKay (who was the animation supervisor on The Lego Movie) and was written by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smith (unfortunately, The Lego Batman Movie isn’t also authored by his former collaborator, Jane Austin).