Kim Kardashian to Put Out a Holiday Edition of Her Selfie Tome


Selfish, the Rizzoli book consisting of selfies of Kim Kardashian, curated by Kim Kardashian, gave fans (and art critics) a chance to study the range of ways Kardashian can position her arms at an angle above her head in multiple settings.Now, hold your breath for some huge news: a new holiday edition will add a couple more settings, and likely a couple more slight adjustments to preexisting angles, as well as a new cover, perchance featuring a new setting and a newly adjusted angle all at once. Now, just try to continue through your day as though the world were the same. Try.

Kardashian first announced the news on André Leon Talley’s Vogue podcast, where she also discussed “everything from date nights with Kanye and his grander-than-grand romantic gestures to designing her dream closet that will replicate a Saint Laurent in-store experience.”

The announcement wasn’t particularly ornate: it was prompted when Talley praised the original selfie tome and asked if she had any other literature in the works. Her response:

I’m going to do a holiday edition with just a new picture on the cover. There might be a few more photos inside.

Though talk about the book may not have been particularly electrified by a sense of innovation, there’s something to be said of the bravery of making a “holiday” season themed anything right now — given the tense climate, thanks to the recent crusade against the new blasphemous Starbucks “red cups.”

[Via Vulture]