‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Inspires Questlove to Lament The Time Prince Chose Nemo Over Him


The expanded Finding Nemo franchise brings up bitter memories for Questlove.The first trailer for Finding Dory, released Tuesday on Ellen, prompted the Roots’ drummer to tweet a (brief, cause Twitter) anecdote about how the original Finding Nemo cost him a gig DJing at Prince’s house.

While one can empathize with Questlove, as no one wants to hear they’ve been rejected for a cartoon fish, it’s hard to blame Prince for picking Finding Nemo, because sometimes you just need to hang out and watch Finding Nemo.

In Finding Dory, the sequel, the forgetful sidekick’s adventure develops as Dory starts to remember details about her family, including information as to their whereabouts. How can you stay mad at a lonely fish with memory loss? Perhaps, Questlove, it’s time to forgive.

Finding Dory comes to theaters June 16, 2016.