Judy Greer Is Making Her Feature Directorial Debut with a Dramedy of “Sex, Lies and Dead Bodies,” Starring Common


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Judy Greer will be making her feature directorial debut with a seemingly very dark dramedy — in that it takes place at a small Los Angeles school that’s the “backdrop for an all-in-one-day tale of sex, lies and dead bodies.” (“Sex/lies/dead body/dramedy” could also, at least when put in such vague terms, describe Addicted to Fresno — the film known predominantly for finally giving the very talented and hilarious Greer a starring role.)

Already attached to star in the film — titled A Happening of Monumental Proportions — are Alison Janney (Mom, The West Wing, just about every movie made in the last 20 years) and Common, who, though perhaps more associated with his hip-hop career, has an extremely extensive filmography that includes Selma, Terminator Salvation, and, very soon, Suicide Squad and the RZA-directed Coco.

The film will begin shooting in 2016, with Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz and Andrew Miano (through Depth of Field) and a script by Gary Lundy. It was Greer who first introduced Depth of Field to the script, which was a finalist for the Sundance Writers’ Lab.