Trevor Noah Takes on Trump Taking on Cups


Trevor Noah is, more and more, proving his mastery over the American ridiculous on The Daily Show. Yesterday evening, he gave a particularly hilarious speech about the most absurd news story of the week. For it’s a story that began with the media making a big deal of something that was far inflammatory than they wanted it to be (that something being red Starbucks cups — and their having allegedly infuriated devout Christians). However, it actually became a legitimate controversy when Donald Trump invoked it at a rally as a strange way of ingratiating himself with ultra-Christian voters. “If I become president, we’ll all be saying merry Christmas again!” Trump exclaimed at the end of his (c)upset speech, with the ridiculous and creepily authoritarian usage of “we’ll all.”

Last night, Noah decided to be brave and address the sensitive subject of these sippy-symbols of holiday devotion (or as the controversy would have it, the lack thereof). First, he notes that, while it’s been said that the cups don’t bear the “usual Christmas markings,” they cups are “red and green! That is the color of Christmas,” he emphasizes. “They didn’t make the cups red and green in honor of stoplights. Or to remember the time that Kermit got a rash.”

Noah highlights how the media first blew it out of proportion by saying that “critics” were declaring the cups “anti-Christmas,” when initially it was just a single, media-courting “critic” doing it (Josh Feuerstein, who the Washington Post explains has been “posting hundreds of videos of himself screaming mini-sermons into his iPhone camera for years”). Noah describes Feuerstein as a man who “goes around getting fake mad about hot button issues…hoping to attract the attention of gullible people who might amplify his stupid message” — at which point, he cuts directly to Trump’s speech. “Target acquired,” states Noah.

Watch the video:

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