Rob Lowe Has Officially Killed the Grindr/’Grinder’ Joke


If all those jokes about Lowe’s new comedy and a certain app sounding an awful lot alike weren’t tired before, they sure are now!

Lowe’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night proved once and for all that, yes, Lowe (and more importantly, the marketing and PR people at Fox) know exactly what Grindr is, even if the fictionalized version of Lowe in the sketch below doesn’t. All wink-wink, nudge-nudge references to The Grinder‘s name are now officially playing into the network hype machine’s clever, clever hands.

Watch Lowe “use” Grindr to “meet” guys…to watch The Grinder with, a joke that is neither particularly original nor the most flattering portrayal of men who use Grindr—there’s a gag involving a banana that’s as groan-worthy as it sounds. The bit where Lowe pours himself a tall glass o’ water instead of a Scotch is a nice touch, though: