Reader Services: Possibly Better Off Missed Connections


We here at Flavorpill don’t have time to fix all the lonely hearts out there, but we can point you in the right direction. It turns out the events we list each week are fertile ground for finding someone, especially if you like Dan Deacon or Beach House. In an effort to spread the love during the holiday season, after the jump we’ve rounded up our favorite Missed Connections from recent events we listed in the hopes that you all can find one another — or avoid the guy who stalked you in the beer line at Vampire Weekend…these things can go either way.

Bonne chance!

Santocon NYC at South Street Seaport – The cute 7ft 1inch tall elf – w4m You were the really tall elf who didn’t mind people asking to take a picture with you every 2 minutes. Thought you were really cute, tights and all:) I was the asian girl wearing reindeer antlers and a cap. I was way off base when you asked me to guess your height. If you see this and are interested on an elf and reindeer conversation, with some coffee/hot chocolate on the side, drop me line.

I’ll know it’s you if you can tell me what color my jacket and scarf was. After all, you took a pic with your camera as well.

beer line at dan deacon/dirty projectors show last night – w4m we waited on the endless beer line (at the end of which there was no beer). you joked about faking a seizure to clear everyone out. thought you were cute, but my friend cut in. if you want to actually get a beer sometime, drop a line.

We just saw each other at Brooklyn Mason Temple during Dan Deacon – w4m You: A very cute, bigger guy wearing black with dark hair and slight beard Me: A similarly cute, bigger girl with long dark hair, blue eyes, wearing a black and green dress

We were going nuts to Dan Deacon and Dirty Projectors, thought we caught each other’s eye a few times, I turned to leave, you followed me out, but my friends forced me downstairs to the coat check. Next thing I knew, you were gone. Wanted to chat because you were hot, and obviously had excellent taste in music. Clearly this is a shot in the dark, but wanted to try…..

I went to Beach House and you weren’t there… – w4m … or maybe i just couldn’t find you? and that makes me sad.

Comix last night, late show. You: Young white guy, striped shirt – m4m Friday night, 10:30 show, you were the cute young (20s) white guy sitting to the left of the stage, wearing a striped white shirt, jeans. It looked like you were with friends or family. I was sitting across from you, near the stage as well.

Couldn’t help but glance over at you every once in awhile and admire your great smile. Long shot here, but if you read this, drop me an email. NIce masculine young good looking guy here.

sexy guy at vampire weekend show – m4m you and i made eye contact a whole bunch of times. you were standing about 10 feet behind me by the stairs. hit me up 😉

Butthole Surfers, existentialism, etc – m4w We stood next to each other at the concert. We both really liked the guy who played before Black Dice, whoever he was..”I mistook your token of friendship for the gold of love”. You had a book of existentialism in your pocket. When the buttholes came on all hell broke loose…I looked for you afterwards to find out what you thought, but didn’t see you anywhere. We had such a great talk, would really like to talk with you again.

girl sitting on the spiral stairs at XIU XIU – m4w short hair and big frames. sooo pretty.

were you alone?

Beach House Show – m4w you and your friend were on the second line close to the stage. you both had cute bangs and you were wearing a shirt with pink and grey stripes(i thought it was from American Apereal but im not sure)

you were petite and adorable, with beautiful lips and awesome black eye liner.

I was right behind you hanging out with a friend of mine. Maybe you didnt see me but I was looking at you most of the time.

will I find you here?

ohhh i hope so, you are too cute to miss your connection.

Girl with the red framed glasses at Nada Surf – m4w I saw you last night at Webster Hall. You were standing over to the left and I think you were with your mother. You had red framed glasses and a large tattoo down your arm. You eventually went up to the balcony. I was the one who kept trying to glance at you. I just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely stunning, and that I had trouble not trying to glance over in your direction.