David Bowie Releases Occult Trailer for His ‘Blackstar’ Short Film


David Bowie’s upcoming 25th studio album doesn’t come out until January 8 (the musician’s birthday), but a short film accompanying it will premiere next Thursday. Today, Bowie released a 30-second trailer the film, which presumably will itself be something of a trailer for the album. (You can watch it below.)

The film features the eerie song, “Blackstar,” from the album titled “★,” also pronounced, you guessed it, “Blackstar.” A snippet from the song, written for the British drama series The Last Panthers, was first teased a while back, with a two-minute preview also released earlier this week. In the trailer, we see the ruins of an old civilization, a bejeweled skull, some shaking shirtless gentlemen, scarecrow people, David Bowie holding up a book with a “★” stamped on its cover, and then an image of a black star itself…so take what you will from all that.

The album itself will also allegedly feature some music from Bowie’s upcoming Michael C. Hall-starring play, Lazarus.

Watch the trailer: