Here Are the Presidential Candidates’ Rap Counterparts, According to Hannibal Buress


Given Kanye’s alleged presidential run in 2020 — which we’ll surely be hearing plenty more about in the coming years — “rapper president” is already a word compound we’ve heard. The current presidential election, however, does not include any rapper/politician hybrids, but a new video from Hannibal Buress (through F-Comedy) suggests that in each lies the essence of a famous rapper counterpart.

Responding to the question, “If candidates were rappers, who would they be?” Buress begins with Hillary Clinton, whom he asserts would be “Diddy, because she’s done some stuff some people like, some people hate, she’s super rich and she got famous by attaching herself to one of the all-time greats.”

Other — and in fact most — of the choices of counterparts may seem inexplicable in name alone (Joe Biden is Iggy Azalea, Jeb Bush is Chet’ Hanks, Trump is DJ Khaled), but Buress provides persuasive explanations for each. Watch the video: