There’s a New App for the Utterly Cowardly: Links You Need to See


As The Atlantic reports, the terrifying thing you see above exists. Yes, The Breakup Shop’s title speaks directly to the app’s purpose: buy a breakup — a text for $10 dollars, a letter for $20, and a seriously personal, name-employing, detail-explaining letter for $30. Because nothing speaks respectfully to the acknowledgement of both the beauty of a relationship and the sadness of its decline — like hiring someone else to call it off, forever, via text. (To be fair, you can also pay $29 to have someone else do it over the phone.)

Shia Labeouf has — as you surely know — now watched #ALL[HIS]MOVIES. Following the end of his third and final day at the Angelika Theater, subjecting himself to his entire filmography in backwards chronological order, everyone is weighing in on the event. (Flavorwire’s Andrew Leung attended on the first day.) Rolling Stone called it, unironically, a work of genius, saying, “Everyone [formerly] thought he was having a nervous breakdown. Now his meltdown increasingly seems more like a calculated plan to confront — and perhaps destroy — the modern concept of celebrity.” Meanwhile, the event led NME to write a post sorting through Labeouf’s other stunts for evidence of “genius.” Indiewire gathered the best stills of Labeouf’s facial expressions from the event, and, taking it a step further, EW has compiled a series of GIFs.

Vice posted a piece today about the Sleep No More on wheels experience of Hopscotch, The Industry‘s massive project, described by the L.A. Times as “the world’s first mobile opera.” As recounted in Lola Blanc’s post, the author first stepped into a limousine that drove her to the scene of a staged and set-designed car accident, where the opera began (for her, at least; there are several other limousines that take other viewers between the opera’s 36 chapters in differing orders.) “There are 128 performers, many miles, and a dizzying feat of logistical planning,” Blanc describes. Here’s the trailer for the opera: