NBC Announces Free Trial, Shares Video for Their Comedy Streaming Service, Seeso


Ever laughed so hard it hurt? Well, NBC has now shared a date on which you can likely ensure this happens: as was previously reported, the company seems to be funneling many of their past and present comedic endeavors into one somewhat overwhelming service that at once seems like a huge gift and something of a burden.

NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises announced today that their comedy-oriented streaming service, Seeso, will launch a monthlong beta trial period on December 3. People can sign up for the trial — which is limited — here.

A press release makes the service sound something like a well-packaged snack or body lotion you’d buy at a high-end market — they call it a “unique, artisanal mix new comedies, exclusive shows, curated films and classic stand-up performances,” a rhetoric they’re likely drawing on to separate it from standard network fare, given its more niche-comedic original content NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises EVP Evan Shapiro said of the beta preview in the press release:

It’s like the soft-opening of a restaurant…Everything is free, while you try out Seeso, sample our great classic comedy and get a taste of our exclusive original series… But, just like the soft-opening of any new neighborhood club, space is limited and we might ask for your patience while we work out our service.

Those who sample the service in December will be among the first to see The UCB Show, the famed company’s variety show hosted and created by the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser) and filmed at the theater’s Los Angeles location in front of a live audience. A sketch dating show, a roommate show about the lifestyles of two very different individuals (one lawyer/person, one non-lawyer/puppet — starring Sammy J and Randy, who is a puppet) under one roof, a series where comedians get drunk at a diner at 2 in the morning, as well as assorted stand-up specials are among the programs that’ll be offered exclusively on Seeso. They’ll also begin streaming their late night shows, as well as select favorites from the past: both versions of The Office, 30 Rock, Fawlty Towers, Parks and Recreation, Saved By the Bell, The IT Crowd, and The Mighty Boosh.

Watch a promotional video for the service below: