#ALLMYEPISODES and the Story Behind #TheStory: Links You Need to See


Shia LaBeouf finished his #ALLMYMOVIES marathon last week, but the jokes have only just started. Inspired by LaBeouf’s art installation/endurance performance, the Late Late Show’s James Corden, along with bandleader/comedian Reggie Watts, decided to similarly do a performance piece surrounding #ALL[THEIR]EPISODES .

Rolling Stone has an exclusive interview with Aziah Wells, better known as Zola, the girl who captivated Twitter a few weeks ago, recounting #TheStory of her Florida Roadtrip gone awry. While certain details of her story have already been confirmed and/or debunked elsewhere, Zola sets the story straight and fully admits to creative license and embellishing plot points like Jarrett’s suicide attempt.

Billy Eichner is on the street again… or more specifically, 6th Avenue. Before you tune in to the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, check out Billy’s version with Katie Couric, which includes an ode to the United States of Tara, various celebrity balloons resembling Nintendo Wii-avatars, “Elena,” and sharp observations like: “Turkey Day comes along every year, and usually so does an SNL tribute special to itself. Do you remember that time Sarah Palin did the show? Of course we do! You keep reminding us!”

The second trailer for the Martin Scorsese-directed, Mick Jagger-produced HBO series, Vinyl was released today. While the first predominantly focused on the main character, Richie Finestra (played by Bobby Cannavale) and the grandeur of a rockstar lifestyle, the new trailer focuses more on the nitty-gritty behind the scenes, and better highlights the ensemble cast, specifically P.J. Byrne and Juno Temple.