Jesse Eisenberg Doesn’t Like Film Critics: Links You Need to See


Jesse Eisenberg seems to have a problem with film critics. In his new satirical piece for The New Yorker , the Batman v. Superman star presents what he presumes to be the stream of consciousness of your average New York movie reviewer. While it is a condemnation of a tradition we sincerely believe in, it is hard to argue with the mantra underneath the actor’s critiques: “See? Words hurt, you guys.”

Moving on to real problems in the film industry, The Hollywood Reporter published a preventative op-ed explaining why complexion of the magazine’s 2015 Academy Awards “Actress Roundtable,” published less than an hour before, is noticeably pale. All eight of the actresses —Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, Charlotte Rampling, Kate Winslett, Jane Fonda and Cate Blanchett— are white. (If you look at the photo, it’s hard to miss…)

The argument, essentially, is that THR doesn’t get to choose who has a legitimate shot at an Oscar—and if there’s no chance a woman of color will win the award for Best Actress this year, they can’t be held liable. Unfortunately, they say this just after explaining how influential the roundtable is on the politics of the Academy Awards—and specifically stating the actresses are chosen before the editors even watch their films.

Perhaps THR should have saved the photos of their all-white actress roundtable for their “fake Instagram” accounts. The New York Times offered an interesting write-up about the trend of starting secondary, “fake” Instagram accounts for close family and friends.

While it seems hard to see this as a genuine trend —are there really enough Instagram users with a public following warranting a second private account?— the idea that users are re-thinking how social networks should be used seems like a good thing.

And even if you love living that #thirsty Instagram life, it’s still an interesting read.

If your Darth Vader cosplay is something you’d save for your fake Insta, than maybe you’d be prefer some high fashion inspired by Star Wars for your main account?

Bloomingdales has commissioned 10 original outfits from high-end designers for what they’re calling “Force 4 Fashion” week. According to Mashable, there will be two copies of each design, one that the retailer will display in store windows on December 3, and another that will be auctioned off for charity.

And now for something completely different.

Gawker published a post commenting on What Defeating ISIS Would Look Like, a sort of fictional account of what it would take to win the United States war on terror in the eyes of conservative pundit and former U.S. Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter, which the IJReview published this month. Based on the following quote, it is kind of terrifying to think this person is considered a military expert.

“The Americans published daily body counts,”Schlichter imagined. “This horrified liberals, but delighted the American people, who for too long had had no good news nor any way to measure success. And the Americans took few prisoners. Most of those they captured they handed off to the Iraqis; the lucky ones were shot quickly.”

As you might expect, Gawker Senior Writer Sam Biddle didn’t think too highly of Schlicter’s prose, prompting some interesting quotes of his own.

“The John Holmes of this death porn is a mysterious figure known as ‘the Wildman,'” wrote Biddle. “Not since Goebbels produced motion pictures has the masculine ideal been so zealously mixed with horrific violence.”

All in all, it wasn’t a great day on the internet… Unless you like Star Wars. Then it’s Christmas.