Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon Want You to Come Dance with Them


Jennifer Lawrence has a new movie coming out, and you know what that means—quirky, meme-able talk show appearances!

And the go-to for those, of course, is Jimmy Fallon. Right on cue, Lawrence stopped by The Tonight Show just a couple days before the final installment of The Hunger Games comes out nationwide. The fall 2015 leg of the JLaw Charisma Tour (part 1—the promo for David O. Russell’s Joy doesn’t start up until next month) begins with “Come Dance With Us,” a silly fake infomercial for…dancing, or something?

The point isn’t logic, though, it’s to watch Fallon and Lawrence make up moves like “Bowling Confetti” and “Row the Boat, Check the Pulse” in vaguely ’80s outfits, complete with rainbow faux-fur and indoor sunglasses. Watch the full clip below, and cave into Lawrence’s charm offensive somewhere around the halfway point: