There’s a Charlie Sheen Memoir in the Works


Following Charlie Sheen’s announcement on the Today Show that he’s HIV positive, the actor plans to publish a memoir about both his diagnosis and his long, troubled career.

ET Online reports that while there’s no deal yet, “Sheen’s manager, Mark Burg, is meeting with publishers” about a potential book deal. The memoir would publicize Sheen’s diagnosis, which he received four years ago, even further; Sheen told Today host Matt Lauer he initially came forward to fend off multiple attempts at extortion.

Of course, there’s plenty else in Sheen’s life that could make for fascinating memoir fodder: his short marriage to and high-profile divorce from Denise Richards, with whom he has two children; his erratic behavior in 2011 that made “tiger blood” into a two-word meme; his subsequent dismissal from Two and a Half Men. Lots of stories, in other words, that promise to sell books. If and when a publisher does buy the book, one could understand why they’d take on the liability of adding Charlie Sheen to their author list.