You Can’t See John Malkovich’s Next Movie, But Maybe Your Grandchildren Will


First Margaret Atwood, now Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich: the director and actor’s feature 100 Years is being billed as “The Film You’ll Never See.” Filmed this year as part of a promotional stint for Louis XIII Cognac, the delayed-release gimmick comes from the time it takes to properly age the liquor.

Not much about the film is known, except that it takes place in the “present” and is “emotionally charged.” The film stars Malkovich, Chilean actor Marko Zaror from 2013’s Machete Kills, and Chinese newcomer Shuya Chang, who will also appear in the forthcoming Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel The Green Legend (which has a much more sensible release date). The three actors are the common thread in the three teasers, each with a slightly different environment: “Nature,” “Retro,” and “Future.”

The film’s first screening will be limited to people who hold a metal ticket that the Louis XIII team will send to a thousand influential people, as well as anyone who can front the $3000 to buy a bottle. Either way, unless you’ve found the fountain of youth and live long enough until the film’s premiere, current ticket holders will obviously have to pass the ticket to their future brethren.

Watch the three teasers below, as well as the featurette:

(h/t slashfilm)