Melissa McCarthy Gets Her Martha Stewart on in Trailer for ‘The Boss’


Following the success of Spy, Melissa McCarthy has another feature in the works about a hyper-competent woman who isn’t the butt of the joke. God bless us every one.

McCarthy stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to unveil the first trailer for The Boss, her latest studio comedy (like a certain breakout hit starring another female comic actress, it’s from Universal). Out next April, The Boss centers on Michelle Darnell, a female mogul/capitalist televangelist type who’s forced to sleep on her former subordinate’s (Kristen Bell!) couch after going to jail for insider trading.

The inspiration for Darnell, a character McCarthy originally came up with while performing at the Groundlings, may be obvious—though McCarthy insists she’s not allowed to name names on live television—but that doesn’t make the sight of her leading an army of Girl Scout knockoffs any less hilarious. Add a directing and co-writing credit from McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone and a brief appearance by Kristen Schaal and you’ve got a promising start to the summer movie season on your hands.

Watch the full trailer below: